Friday, February 5, 2010

Lego Art made by Ordinary People!

Many people make art out of lego. Many photos are uploaded on Flickr so people can see the lego art that people make. This photo is a very famous piece of art work. If you look closely, you will see that it is an image of the famous piece of artwork Mona Lisa. But this Mona Lisa is made out of lego!

Now this is a group of pieces of artwork. The fifth one is Mona Lisa. They are all very famous pieces artwork. All of these pieces of artwork are made out of lego. Some of this artwork is on flickr, a site where you could upload your images. Many people upload photos of their lego artwork. A lot of people do lego art.

This is a photo that came from flickr. Flickr is a site where
you could upload your photos. Some people upload their art made out of lego. People upload their artwork to share it with the public. Most professionals, like Nathan Sawaya, are already known to the public so they don't need to upload images on flickr.

This photo was also on flickr. If you are interested in more of this lego art go to Flicker has many photos of lego art.

Nathan had a video of how he was making a cello out of lego. Why are so many people interested in lego art.
Nathan Sawaya was born July 10, 1973. Nathan is a artist who builds sculptures out of lego. Nathan was born in Colville, Washington, and he was raised in Veneta, Oregon. In my other post, I wrote this information but it wouldn't hurt to write it again. Nathan has created some of the best pieces of lego artwork since 2,000. He made a life-size tyrannosaurus rex! He made models of many characters from animations and cartoons including Curious George. Nathan is a very talented lego artist who made a very big amount of artworks. Nathan also made a very huge self portrait.

If you'd like to know more about Nathan's artwork, read one of my previous articles for The Hillwood Herald.

Written by Rubina H.

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