Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Upcoming City Hall Field Trip!

On Monday, November 16, we are going to go on a field trip to City Hall. This trip will be part of our social studies lesson.

City Hall, located in San Francisco, California, was opened in the 1800s but then damaged by the 1906 earthquake. It was restored in December of 1915 and is now the fifth largest dome in the world. Numerous couples have married at City Hall but the most famous is Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio.

The Board of Supervisors are there to help discuss problems with their districts. Our district supervisor is Michela Alioto-Pier, and she also manages the Catheral Hill neighborhoods, Cow Hollow neighborhoods, Presideo Hill neighborhoods, and some others.

The City Administrator is Edwin Lee and he was appointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom. His responsibility is to manage all the policies and regulations made by the Mayor, board of supervisors, and voters.

And last but not least, Mayor Gavin Newsom! Mayor Gavin Newsom works from day-to-day to "chair the city council" and governs, specifically, San Francisco.

Picture Credit: Google Images
Sources: Wikipedia, The City Hall Website,

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