Friday, November 13, 2009

An interview about the exploratorium 40th anniversary online surprise

The Exploratorium's 40th anniversary was last weekend and during that time on the Exploratorium website there was an online activity called "Surprise."

The activity was that you need to print out a paper and there is a little sign that has 40th in it. Next you need to go on the Exploratorium's website and click on the word surprise. Then put the paper in front of the computer and the 40th sign should be facing the camera and you will see a surprise.

Here is a video of how it's made. You may also want to watch Julian F.'s photo essay about the Exploratorium.

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  1. Hi Julian,

    Greetings from the Exploratorium, where I work, and congratulations on the great video! I worked on the surprise, which is an example of something called augmented reality (half real, half virtual). The cake image was actually created by several people on our staff; that was one of the hardest parts of the process.

    There's an extra bit of coolness you may have missed. Be sure to blow on your computer's microphone when you hold the image up--then watch the candles carefully.

    Thanks again, Julian, and keep exploring!