Friday, November 20, 2009

Upper-Graders Head to City Hall

On Monday, November 16, the upper-graders of Hillwood went on a field trip to San Francisco's City Hall. We toured this majestic dome learning about its history, looking at valuable objects and artifacts, and found out facts about San Francisco that we never knew before.

Some things that are memorable include the San Francisco flag, city flower, and the architecture. Most of the walls with designs were handcrafted and made from wood from Manchuria.

Brigette and I also learned about the San Francisco flag. On the flag, it has a phoenix emerging from the fire standing for the 1906 earthquake. On it, there are also the Spanish words: "Oro en Paz - Fierro en Guerra." When translated, it means "Gold in Peace, Iron in War."

Our city flower is the Dahlia. Its color and beauty symbolizes the life of San Francisco and the spirit of the people who live within the city.

And that was our field trip!

For some history about City Hall, read last week's post previewing our trip.

Photo of students: Ms. Woods
Photo of flag and building by Brigette and Irene

Photo of Dahlia is from the San Francisco Dahlia Dell.

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