Friday, October 2, 2009

Design for Giving: San Francisco, America

Though San Francisco is a pretty cool place, there are still some things about this city that bother me. I think that there are some things that San Francisco can improve upon.

Take for example, litter on the streets. It just bothers me when people dump their garbage on the walkways. I wish people would just respect the city more. I want to volunteer to help clear up littered streets.

Another thing that bothers me is poverty and gangs. One of my best friends lives in a hotel where she's afraid to leave the room, scared to even go to the restroom. She hears gunshots at night. I think there should be more programs that crack down on gangs and drug dealing.

As for America, well, everyone knows this country is not as discriminatory as many other countries and that we have plenty of freedom. Everyone knows that we Americans are spoiled with so much freedom, but still, everyone knows America isn't perfect. Some of its problems include: greenhouse gases, clean-up from Hurricane Katrina, the recovering economy, difference in pay between men and women, racism, sexism, and the war. America is working on reducing its amount of greenhouse gases, but there are still plenty of people who disbelieve its existence.

Though Hurricane Katrina happened over 4 years ago, there's still plenty to clean up and reconstruct. I hope the government would pay more attention to this major problem. The economy is recovering slowly, but there isn't really much we can do about that. America should also make it illegal pay men and women differently. Racism is still a big problem, but as time goes on, I believe that it will slowly diminish. As for the war between America and Afghanistan. It bothers me to know civilians are being killed by the dozens each day, but as for a solution, I'm not sure if I can say much...

Some things require action to be fixed, and some things just need time to heal.

by: Brigette W.

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