Friday, October 2, 2009

Design for Giving Contest: Irene's View ^^

During this period time, The Hillwood Herald reporters are going to enter the "Design for Giving" Contest. The "Design for Giving" Contest is a contest applicable by kids ages ten to thirteen. You can send in a PowerPoint presentation, a video, or a a document saying what problem you are going to attempt to solve. Since we are going to enter this contest, I will give my points of view!

What Bothers Me In San Francisco?
Hmm.......what bothers me in San Francisco? I guess my answer would have to be that people litter a lot and nobody has an attempt to help clean up. When I walk down the streets of San Francisco, I see trails of it. I'm sure that it happens in other locations in the United States, but I have only lived and remebered litter in San Francisco. I desperately want to pick the trash up but, my parents are being extra careful right now because of the H1N1 Virus right now.

How Am I Going To Help Solve The Problem?
I'm going to get some gloves, round up some people, and go around with huge plastic bags, picking up trash and recyclables!

What Bothers Me In The United States of America?
This is harder. I honestly have no idea of what bothers me in the United States. I guess my answer would have to be that some people are still racist. I know that racism was way back in the past and that now, all people are treated equally, there are still some people who are racist and discriminate against certain ethnicities.

How Am I Going To Help Solve The Problem?
I am going to help solve this problem by befriending and giving kindness to all different ethnicities of people. By doing this, people just might look past the outside and appreciate the inside!

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