Friday, June 5, 2009

The Origin of Seasons: Part 2

In class, the sixth to seventh graders read a story called "The Origin Of Seasons." It was about how Persephone, the Greek goddess of spring and daughter of Demeter, the goddess of fertility, got kidnapped by the evil underworld king, Hades. He wanted Persephone to become his queen so he tried to keep her underworld with him. But when she disappeared, Demeter was devastated and the weather turned horrible so the human crops won't grow. Finally, Zeus (the king) sent Hermes, the messenger, to fetch Persephone. But before she left, Hades gave her seven pomegranate seeds to eat. Therefore, Persephone would stay seven months underworld (Demeter is depressed so the weather is gloomy) and five months on Earth (when Demeter is overjoyed, the weather is sunny).

After we had read the story, we worked on an assignment called "Dramatization" and wrote a short sequel in scripts. Here is mine:

*The air is already cold*

Persephone: Oh Mother! I will miss you dearly!
Demeter: I'll miss you too, my darling!

*Hades appears in his chariot*

Hades: It's time to go, my beautiful queen.
Persephone: (sad voice) All right.
Demeter: (sarcastic) It's a shame you have to spend such a long time with an ugly immortal,Persephone.
Hades: (furious) Hey! Watch your mouth! You never know if I could persuade Zeus to let me keep Persephone all year long! (Persephone gives a squeak)

*Demeter glares at Hades*

Persephone: (Hugs Demeter) Good-bye, Mother! I'll see you in seven months.
Demeter: Bye. Take care of yourself.
Hades:(sly voice) Oh, don't worry. I will take cared of Persephone for you.

Photo credit: Ms. Moorhead

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