Friday, June 5, 2009

A Science Question and Answer

Care to know a little more about science? Or, would you like to test you knowledge? Here are some of the questions that we have recently been answering.

Also, last week, Irene X. wrote about some local science news —
the National Ignition Facility (NIF for short) celebrated the new laser in Livermore, Californa. Officials have said that there will be an estimated number of 3,500 people attending including Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and laser pioneer Charles Townes. In her post for The Herald, she explained how lasers work.

If you read Julien G.'s post about the Maker Faire, then you saw science at play.

Q:Choose the appropriate form of the word neutral for the following sentence: "An acid can be used to a base,forming water and a salt."

A: C - neutralize

Q:2-4-For each pair of terms, explain hoe the meanings of the terms differ.

A:2-Ionic compounds takes on or gives off atoms and a covalent combines with.

A:3-Acids increase the number of hydronium ions, but bases increase the number of hydroxide ions.

A:4-Ph measures concentration level of hydronium if it is a base,or an acid.

Q:Ionic compounds.........

A:b-are often brittle

Q:Both acids and bases.........

A:d-conduct electric current in solution

Q:An increase in the concentration of hydronium ions in solution........

A:b-lowers the ph

Q:The ph of a solution that is neither acidic nor basic is..........


Q:What type of compound would you use to neutralize a solution of potassium hydroxide?

A:I would use an acid

Q:List three properties that you can use to classify a compoundas ionic or covalent?

A:Ionic compounds have high characteristics and covalent compounds have low characteristics. Their characteristics are melting point, dissolve in water, and conduct electricity.

Q:What kind of ions are are produced when an acid is dissolved in water and when a base is dissolved in water

A:Hydronium ions and hydroxide ions.

Photo credit: Irene X. (Image of reporter Zack O.)
Contributors: Irene X., Laura Moorhead

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