Friday, June 5, 2009

Dramatization for ‘The Origin of the Seasons’

Here is a dramatization of ‘The Origin of the Seasons,’ which explains the myths of why the world has seasons. Persephone is a key character.

1. Persephone returns to the earth in spring.

Persephone: "Think god I'm back on earth, I hated being in the underworld with that jerk named Hades."

Demeter: "Well, I'm just glade you are back, and and you are right, he is a jerk."

Hades: "Well, this really isn't good. I thought that I could have her forever, or at least for the rest of the year."

Demeter: "Persephone, let us go and celebrate your arrival on this wonderful spring day."

Photo credit: Irene X.

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