Saturday, September 20, 2008

Consider the Timeline of Technology in Schools

Student: Faryn

First off, make sure you are on a Macintosh for this assignment. Then, take a look at the timeline of technology in a classroom on The New York Times website. Click through the timeline, and take notes — either in paper or on in your actual blog post — and collect screen grabs about what you see and read. (Ms. Moorhead can show you how to take a "screen grab.")

Once you finish with your report, write a visual news story about the evolution of technology in the classroom. What was the first so-called technology? What are the most surprising elements in the time line?

You will need to write at least one paragraph introduction to your story — what are you setting out to do with your story? Then, move into the five W's of your story.

Include at least five images, and do not forget to list sources and labels.

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