Saturday, August 9, 2008

Remix Contest — Remake a Song

Assignment: Zack

Remember OK Computer? The band that The Hillwood Herald wrote about last spring? (You can re-read the story here or watch the video below.) The band is running a remix contest, in which contestants can remix one of their songs. Below is contest information from the band's email newsletter:

Hit Us With Your Best Shot

Today the guys have launched their first (?) ever remix contest for their rocktastic new single 'White Knuckles'. Don't know how to remix a track? Don't worry, Indaba has free software to make it easy for you! If you're an old remix pro, you can download the stems and do with them as you may. We'd beg you to go crazy but we already know you will... so do it! Also, did we mention that the winning remix will get mastered for Rock Band and the winner will get a complete Rock Band set up to rock out with their friends to their remix? Well we did now!

Zach, lead the charge for The Herald's entry. Read the band's website regarding the contest, and then log and begin experimenting with both the website and mixing the song. Once you do this, check in with Ms. Moorhead. For the assignment for the week of September 18, you will need to write a news story about both the contest and The Herald's participation. 

To long on, have Ms. Moorhead type in her email address; the password is the same as when you log on to The Herald.

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