Friday, February 17, 2017

Presidents Day!

Everyone knows a lot about Presidents' Day but a lot of people don't do anything for it. Some people do though. Today I am going to write about the history of Presidents' Day as you all know this holiday is celebrated to honor all the valuable presidents and George Washington's Birthday!  We should all be happy and celebrate this day!Happy Friday hope you enjoy the article!

Presidents' Day is a day to honor all our presidents like Aberham Lincoln, George Washington, etc. (not Donald Trump)Presidents' Day is on the 20th of February because that's George Washington's Birthday. Everyone thinks yay Presidents' Day another day off! But really you should be thinking about the valuable men(soon to be women) who were smart and cared for their country. We all have our traditions and if that's not one off them it should be because being president is a very tough job(for men😄😏)
One myth from George Washington is the cherry tree myth. The cherry tree myth happens when George got a hatchet for his birthday and he went out side and chopped his fathers cherry tree down! His father was very pissed.(or he should have been anyways😑😑)

In conclusion I think we should all celebrate  Presidents' Day in honor of all the valuable humans that risked their lives in war to protect there country🍺🍺NOW GOODBYE WORLD! Bai🍩🍪🍬🍧

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