Friday, January 13, 2017

The Art of Collages

For those of you who don't know what a collage is, it a form of art in which people take art from magazines, newspapers, etc, and glue them all together onto one paper, hence the word collage, which means a combination. This form of art was made first in China around 200BC, but with only a few steps. It started on paper in China, and then the gluing of paper started in Japan around the 10th century. Other materials such as gemstones were added during the 15th-16th century. The last thing was gluing for purposes of memorabilia began in he 18th century. 

The term of collage was created by Pablo Picasso and the Cubist painters in the early 1900's. Wood based collages started around the 1930s and decoupage, which is a decorative craft, was started in the 1700s. Photo montage began in 1956 and digital montage was around since 1992. 

There are many different people who make collages like Joseph Cornell, Leonis Ogour, and Erica Harris. Early collage artists are people like Georges Braque,  Kurt Scwitters, and Henri Matisse. Collages are a good form of art.

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