Friday, January 27, 2017

Mozarts Mysteriuos Face

Mozart's face is different at every corner of the web. But they all have one thing in common; he has gray hair with curls on either side, a semi big nose, and what looks like to blue eyes with a red suit. Mozart lived a modern day short life. Yet his wife lived a relatively long life. Once Mozart died his wife rounded up a few artists and tried to recreate his appearance.
Mozart was abused by his dad even though his dad created "Mozart." All of his brothers died and sisters died except for two (including him) under his dad's care. His dad forced him to play harpsichord for numerous hours a day which- if u think about it- can kill a toddler. That is why his brothers and sisters died.

Overall Mozart lived an abused life. Yet he was very talented and mysterious. He was so poor that he was buried somewhere no one knows, most likely in a common graveyard without anyone to honor the beautiful music that has inspired the world.

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