Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why people need to stop whining (Warning: strong language)

November 10, 2016

"He's not our president!" If you live in a major city you've probably heard these chants and you've probably see the mess caused by protesters of Donald Trump. This needs to stop, now. I cannot go to sleep in my own city! I am woken up constantly by the alarms and chants and the explosions of these violent protesters.

These protesters have spread to are most basic form of civility: education. Kids are missing school because they're having the so called 'walk outs.' Just today, as I write this article, people from Urban, Sacred Heart, and SoTA are all disrupting their classes to walk out and sit down, usually in front of school steps. They scream, chant, cry, destroy all the things that adults' tax money have payed for. Not only that, but on social media, they attack the Republican party and call its supporters racist, sexist, homophobic, and islamophobic. Laci Green, a popular internet feminist and strong Hillary supporter, tweeted (warning: strong language) This after the election. Ironically, she tweeted This the next day. This shows the incompetence of the left, and there un-willingness to accept the will of the American people. Bashing white people is the textbook definition of racist, saying today's men are to blame for the suffrage of women throughout history is the textbook definition of sexism.

Donald Trump, despite what you might have heard from whining liberals and the left, is not racist or sexist and DEFINETLY does not hate LGBT couples or people. In a rally in Colorado, Donald Trump held an LGBT flag that had "LGBTs for Trump" On it. Donald does not agree with abortion, but just because you agree with it, does not mean he 'hates women'. He is also married to an IMMIGRANT, his wife Milania, who came here legally. He respects immigrants who come here legally, but the main source of illegal immigration is Mexico, which is why he talks about it a lot. Anyway, the point is that rioting isn't going to change anything. Thank you for reading.

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