Friday, November 18, 2016

ThanksGiving Food

Hello! Today I will be writing about what people eat all around the world for Thanksgiving! From what I know, they ate turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and veggies! They were very healthy back then, but then the fat Americans came and ruined it. Anyway, I am not writing about fat Americans, I am writing about Thanksgiving food.

A popular dessert is pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream if you have a sweet tooth. My family usually has feast of turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing for the turkey, green beans, and lots of other festive foods. For dessert my family has a tradition of having pumpkin pie with ice cream and or with whipped cream, but not everyone does my family's dinner. 

 Other families have corn bread and fancy foods like roasted sweet potato casserole with praline. Some people also eat caramelized butternut squash! Now that's fancy. Lots of people eat a small amount of food like just turkey and stiffing and maybe some veggies. Most invite family over and celebrate with a with feast for dinner. For those who don't care about Thanksgiving and go right to Christmas would probably have a small dinner and dessert.

That looks sooooooooo good, right! Well, Thanksgiving is coming around, so don't worry; you will get it soon! Again feel free to insult Finn in the comments! BYE YAL FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!

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