Friday, September 23, 2016

Nowadays kids have electronics to entertain themselves. For example computers, phones, Ipads and other devises. But our grandparents or our great grandparents didn't have any of those devices. They had to have other things to entertain themselves. Kids might actually still be using some of the toys today if they don't want to use any of the new things today. Here are some of the old toy names that they used back then. The piano which kids still use today and the pinball machine or riding a bicycle and painting and playing hide and go seek or playing the board game chess or checkers, or read.

The  piano is a musical machine that kids enjoy.  The pinball machine is a thing where you have to keep hitting the ball back up and not let it fall. The bicycle is a vehicle that kids ride on to get some where to another and its also really fun to ride on. And kids still paint too. Painting can be really fun to do when your bored. Its where you get brush and dip it in paint and draw with your paint brush. Hide and seek is where kids go out side or play inside and they try to hide from one person who is trying to find them. Reading is fun too for some people. If your bored then you can go to the library and get a fun book to read.

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