Friday, September 23, 2016

The dog

Social concept

"The dog was turning five, not the boy." My computer/art teacher had just come to start the class and we were prepping to try to find articles as we do every Friday morning when she stopped us "Last week I read you a book, and even though I read the entire book out to you and gave you all the information  I still made you believe it was the kids birthday party, not the dogs" the book she was referring to is a sweet little childrens book called 'Toby the Tortoise'. It was about a boy who loves animals and finds a lonely tortoise. The book also talks about a dogs birthday party, she made us believe it was the boys. This social concept, distracting people and making them think that your choice is the right choice, while still giving people all the information they need to come to a different conclusion, is used a lot in countries ranging from the hermit kingdom North Korea all the way to the United States.
She gave an example "when you see a billboard advertising toothpaste, do you see the sparkling white teeth or do you see the gorgeous woman" it's almost like the billboard is inadvertently making a mental note that the next time you go to the store, get this toothpaste as it makes you better. Now you may still think I'm crazy, but you can see this kind of manipulating happening in North Korea. When the Soviet Union collapsed, North Korea stopped receiving funding, they could not afford food for the army, so they convinced the public that they were at a constant war with the we stand to donate most of there crops to the army. This was very effective, and is still in use today.

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