Friday, September 30, 2016

What Slaves Ate

In my opinion I think everyone likes food because it keeps us alive. It stops weird knots in our stomachs, which is called hunger. My favorite food is ramen. Ramen is a Japanese noodles. But compared to slaves, it's like we get a whole moth of food in one day.

Slaves use to normally eat cornbread and pork. A few foods that slaves got a little less often were; lard, molasses, peas, greens and flour. Occasionally slaves use to get their food from their harvest, like fresh fruits and veggies.

A negative about fresh harvest is if its not a great harvest, slaves will have to eat rotten harvest until the next harvest, but then again that harvest might not be great either. Slave owners sometimes gave slaves a small patch of land for their own harvest, this way owners could still feed their slaves but not have to pay for food.        

In conclusion, overall slaves were treated very badly, especially for all the hard work they did. Slaves food portions were very small and not cared about.

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