Friday, September 30, 2016

Food in the military


Food is something that we all eat, but I love food. I love trying different food and finding something new that you love! I think food is beautiful as people can connect with food, such as if you eat your home country's food you might think of the time when you lived there. Food is a very amazing thing and that's why I love it.

Food in the military is a very important thing. Food has changed the face of history, especially when it come to wars. Like in the Cold War, when Russia cut off food supply to West Berlin to try and get the UK and US to leave, but the UK and US were determend, so they dropped food from planes every day for 11 months. There are still towns and communities that have been cut off of food  because of wars and conflicts and the Red Cross and World Food Programme are trying to help these people.

In the military today the most popular form of food in war is Meal, Ready-to-Eat  (MRE). These small, lightweight meals can be cooked by using a heater bag. This meal usually includes a main course, a snack or desert, crackers or bread, spread of cheese or jam or peanut butter, powdered beverage mix, and utensils. The meal has to be at least 1,200 calories, the reason being soldiers are running around all the time with 50 pound bags on there backs

On something like a military ship that isn't involved in a war there is usually a kitchen that makes meals on the ship. These meals range from burgers and fries to mac and cheese, they usually also have a salad bar on the ships. The meals are usaully made by other soldiers, as they switch who will cook every week.

How to make an MRE: link