Friday, May 20, 2016

Dog Leaving Home To Go To Doggy Daycare

A 5 year old Golden Retriever named Riley, left his house to go to his doggy daycare all by himself. And usually, dogs hate doggy daycare. However, Riley loves to go to Happy Dog Cafe and Boutique in Belmont, North Carolina.

What had happened was on May 6, Riley had seen his dog friends at the daycare having a blast and Riley wanted to join in on the fun. So when they got home, his owner Tonia had put him outside in their backyard and put the latch on a gate. After she was gone, he opened the latch and started walking over to the daycare to go see his friends.

The owner of the daycare, Teresa McCarter,  told Tonia not to worry because one of her customers said that Riley was sitting outside of the door and waiting to be let in. He then went inside and was playing with his dog friends. Tonia was then relieved to hear that her dog was safe and she then put a lock on the gate to make sure that Riley wouldn't try to escape again.

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