Friday, May 20, 2016

A Twelve Year Old Girl Uncovers Egyptian Amulet

Recently a twelve year old girl named Neshama Spielman and her family took part in a Temple Mount Sifting Project, that is inactive now but was a biblical temple in Jerusalem. The object  she found was an amulet that belonged to a pharaoh named Thutmose 111 from over 3200 years ago. Neshama said she found the amulet four years ago when she was a eight.

This amazing project was founded in 2004 by a man named Zeev Orenstein who is one of the officials with the City of David Foundation. There has been around 170,000 volunteers since 2004 or since the project has began.  Spielman was excited about her find after she learned about the significance of the amulet. She also said that this year Passover will be more special then ever.

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