Friday, April 8, 2016

Sleeping With The Sharks

A company called Airbnb is hosting a contest in France's Aquarium de Paris. In this contest there will be three lucky winners that will bring one person of their choice to sleep in an underwater bedroom that is submerged 33-ft into a large tank with fish and 35 sharks.

This contest is only available on April 11, 12, and 13. In order to win the contest, individuals have to tell the rental company a little bit about themselves and, "why they belong with the Sharks for a night."

The three winners and their lucky guests will be taken on a guided tour of the aqaurium by Fred Buyle, who is a world record-breaking free diver, underwater photographer, and shark conversationist. After the tour, the guests will have an elaborate dinner alongside the shark tank. Once they have finished their dinner they will be lowered into the shark tank.

The container the guests will be sleeping in has floor to ceiling windows, making sure that they are provided with a 360 degree view of the tank. Also, the tank holds three million liters of water.

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