Friday, April 8, 2016

Dutch Police may use Trained Eagles to take Down Drones

The increase in the use of drones is becoming problematic for countries around the world becuase enthusiasts take advantage of the drones to use for illegal activities. That includes flying drones into restricted airspace and even using them to infiltrate prisons. Becuase of all of this activity, authorities world wide are experimenting new teqniques to bring down the drones.

Authorities in the Netherlands partnered with Guard from Above, a security team that is training Eagles to bring down the drones in restricted areas. The company believes that birds of prey that catch victims in mid-air and hold on to them will easily be bales to grab drones and bring them down safely. This is important because it eliminates the risk of a drone hurtling down and hurting people that are on the ground.

Bird experts are not worried that the Eagles will get hurt becuase of the propellers becuase they maintain that the Eagles eyesight enables it to attack the drones. These Eagles are rewarded when they bring a drone back. The Eagles already dislike the drones becuase they get too close to their nests. The one concern Guard from Above has is the risk posed by drones that are bigger than Eagles. If that becomes an issue, the company will have protective gear to prevent the birds from getting hurt.
Meanwhile, other countries are coming up with their own solutions to the drones. In Japan, authorities catch the drones with snare nets. In Britain, officials are using new technology that can disable the drones mid-flight from a mile away. The London Metropolitan police also has interest in using Eagles. In the US, which has experienced more than 100 drone sightings on a monthly basis since October, officials are considering jamming radio signals and even taking them down with missiles.

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