Friday, March 11, 2016

An Australian Toddler Got His Arm Stuck in a Vending Machine

Recently a toddler got his arm stuck in a vending machine. Leo Shourthouse has never seen a Vending Machine and just wanted treat so he stuck his hand in the vending machine. Leo is four years old and this event occurred on Sunday, February 8, 2016. Leo lives in Melbourne, Australia with his father. The reason why his arm got caught in the vending machine is becasue the anti theft sensor triggered and his arm got caught. It took almost six hours to get his arm out and the people who helped  get Leo's arms out were firefighters, policemen, locksmiths and paramedics.

In oder to get the arm out the professionals had to numb his arm so if they made a mistake it wouldn't hurt him. The father hopes that the next time Leo sees another vending machine he won't put his arm in to get the snacks inside.

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