Friday, February 26, 2016

Mr Piatkiewicz and the 8th grade class

The 5th through 8th class is taught by the new teacher, Mr.Piatkiewicz. He started teaching at Hillwood in October. Mr.Piatkiewicz recently moved here from England.

On a regular day with him in class, we usually start out with math, at 9:50, we go outside and play games such as knockout and dodgeball. When we come back, we usually do History or Language arts. After that, at 11:30, we eat lunch. When we go to the park, we play many sports, such as dodgeball kickball, and basketball. Sometimes people go up on the hill to go play kendama. When we come back we usually do science, but it depends, some days we don't.

In April he will go to Washington with the class. This is why we are currently learning about American history. Mr.Piatkiewitcz is excited and so are all of us.

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