Friday, January 29, 2016

Pajama Day

On February 2, every student comes to school in their pajamas. It started as a tradition, every year, for Jojo’s birthday. On Jojo’s 1st birthday, Mrs. Grantz got the idea of letting every student come to school in their pajamas for his birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Grantz love seeing the children happy. Now, it is less about Jo and more about the fun and excitement of wearing pajamas to school.

All the kids love pajama day because the day is full of fun and activities. It gives the kids a chance to wear comfortable clothing to school and have fun with it. For lunch, the school usually has pizza. Students are instead able to watch a movie because we don’t go to the park. Students have lots of fun and always have good memories with their pajamas.

Jojo talks about pajama day, “I like pajama day on my birthday because it is very fun. I don’t want it on my birthday because I don’t want it about me. It changed the most in 2015 when it stopped being about me.” He doesn’t have many memories of pajama day, but he hopes that he can make lots more.

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