Friday, January 22, 2016

International Day

International Day is a day where we celebrate all of the student's cultures. The students either dress in Hawaiian form, in their school uniform, or where they are from. Most of the students like to dress as where they are from. Some of the students have the option to bring in food from there culture. The K - 1 can bring desserts, and 2-8 bring the main course. The food that the most of the students bring are delicious.

The parents usually like to come to this event to see their kids participate in this special event. They are allowed to come either before or after lunch. The lunch is in the school yard and is set up at 12 pm. Our afternoon teacher, Ms. Caine, makes a banner to put on the fence. Also, the students write a paragraph about where they are from. After they are done and presented to their class, it is hung on the fence for parents and others to see.

I interviewed one of the principals, Mrs. Grantz, to see what she thought about International Day. Here is what she said:

Me:  What is your favorite thing about International Day?

Mrs. Grantz: I like to see all the kids dress up, and I get to learn more about them every year.

Me: When did this start?

Mrs. Grantz: I don't exactly know when, but more than at least a decade.

International Day is a very famous tradition at Hillwood. It is so fun to see people tell things about their heritage.

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