Friday, November 13, 2015

VR, the new 3D


The New York Times has stepped up its game in the storytelling world, letting people experience stories in an unusual way. The New York Times has started using virtual reality and Google Cardboard to put people in the story. Virtual reality lets people feel like they are in the area.

There are many stories. The main application is called NYTVR. This stands for New York Timed Virtual Reality. There are a few videos in there. For example there is a story that talks about how nature is affecting our modern industry. There are also many different sciences on YouTube. You can find just about everything there, from Extreme Sports to Horror stories. The only downside is that in some videos you cannot move your head around.

Google cardboard is an easy to use virtual reality headset. The costs on average $10 and is compatible with iPhones and android. All up you need to do when you get the cardboard is assemble it, get the New York Times app, and follow the directions. Google is truly making virtual reality accessible to everyone.

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