Friday, November 13, 2015

Truths and Myths about Kids and Electronics

8 to 12 year old kids usually spend most of their time on electronics of 4 hours. And 13 to 18 year old kids usually spend about 6 and a half hours. Common Sense Media is a non-profit group that put up a survey online and found out that kids spend more of their time looking up music videos or playing on their electronics rather than reading a good book. Here are some truths and myths on kids and technology.

Truth # 1:  More than 18% of teens spend more than ten hours on screens. Often kids are watching T.V. while texting their friends. One in five tweens spend more than six hours on social media.

Myth # 1: Some people think that this the end of reading. Kids usually spend only 30 minutes a day reading on a screen or an actual book. But kids said in the survey that reading was their favorite activity.

Truth # 2: Gamers tend to spend only around 47 minutes doing physical activities out side. Social media users get out for more like an hour and a half.

Myth # 2: Kids are too busy to be producting in a day. They are doing a lot of consuming. A kid spends about 5 to 9 minutes making something with digital tools. The chief executive officer, James P. Steyer, said " This gives parents and teachers an overview of what kids are usually spending their time doing.

  In conclusion, kids need to stop going on electronics for such long periods of time. Start exercising more and be happy! Also, go outside more.

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