Friday, November 6, 2015

The Pumpkin Patch

On October 23rd 2015, the whole school went to the pumpkin patch. When everyone was at the pumpkin patch, about an hour drive to Half Moon Bay, we got our tickets and started. At the Pumpkin Patch they had many things for us to do. There was a corn maze, a haunted house, a pony ride, a train ride, a hay ride, and a petting zoo. First, most people went into the maze. The maze was very confusing and many people got lost. In the haunted house the younger kids loved it and wanted to go in again. Not many kids went on the pony ride, but they enjoyed it. The hay ride was very popular, but it was very slow. While on it, you could see the view of Arata's Pumpkin Farm. Many people enjoyed the petting zoo because some of the animals were let loose and very sweet.

Hillwood School has been going to this Pumpkin Farm for seven years. This year everyone got to go because we had more volunteers than usual. Another reason why this year was different was because Mrs. Carvajal bought her family with her. Before we left, everyone got to pick out a pumpkin to take home. Some people got little pumpkins and some people got bigger ones. All the pumpkins got loaded into the truck and everyone headed back to school. Everyone had a great time and waits for next years field trip.

By: Mia L., Caroline P., and Sophia B.

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