Friday, November 13, 2015

Orphan Bear Cub Found With Apples.

Recently in southwest Washington a family got a surprising. There was a little black bear cub somewhere between Erica and Bruce Hazens' road. Then that evening it was raining and the Hazens' fed the little black bear cub apple slices. The family first saw the bear when the black bear was looking into their houses glass door. But it was very strange that the mother black bear didn't come for two nights. So the family called the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Then some people set a bear trap and used apples to trap the bear. Now he is at a rehabilitation center with other
bear cubs. The people at the center hope that the little bear cub will one day go back into the wild. Here are a few facts about black bears, black bears are omnivores and they are mammals. They can also grow to 6 foot. And they can weigh to 200 to 600 pounds. Their life span is 20 years. And lastly the scientific name is Ursus americanas.

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