Friday, November 13, 2015

India's Birdman feeds thousands of parakeets a day

In India, a man named Joseph Sekar (62 years old) feeds thousands of parakeets daily. The man lives in Chennai, an Indian city, and he says that he had always left small amounts of rice and grain out for the neighborhood sparrows and squirrels. But things too a dramatic turn in 2004 when a 9.1 magnitude earthquake hit India curse a massive tsunami.

A few days after ten tsunami, Jeseph Sekar saw two parakeets flying in the vicinity and fed then some rice. The next day, the two birds came back and this time with more hungry birds. Today between 2,000 - 4,000 parakeets visit the Birdman twice a day.

Sekar doesn't feed the birds raw grains, he cooks them. That means that he has to wake up at 4:30 AM every morning and spends over an hour cooking their food. Then he spreads the grains across 14 planks that go across his roof.

The birds come at about 6:00 AM and continues until the very last grain of rice is gone. The birds also come again at 4:00 PM and until 6:00 PM. The birdman also takes in sick and injured birds and takes care of them. After they are healed he lets them go free.

Of course feeding the birds is not cheap. Joseph says he spends 40% of his income of $13 USD. The man says all of his actions come out of love, which he thinks should be universal. Sekar has no immediate plans to stop the feeding, he worries what will happen to the birds as he gets older. Hopefully, another birdman will take his place.

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