Friday, October 9, 2015

Will the UK leave the EU?


The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland has a very important question to ask itself, does it want to conform itself to the clutches of the EU, but have more protection and security. Or does it want to let go of the EU but deal with the strain of protecting itself and securing trade with the other European countries. And the British prime minister David Cameron has said that he will have a refurendum by 2017.

There have already been 2 major party's that have begun to get Britain out of the EU. The two party's are called Vote Leave and Leave EU. Leave EU has already started putting out slogans, there newest one being "Vote Leave - Take Control", this new slogan could "Hardly be clearer" according to the BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg.

The main donators to Leave EU and Vote EU are major Conservitive donor and London millionaire Peter Cruddas, also John Mills labours biggest private financial backer. The leave EU biggest argument is that the EU has taken to much control over British citizens. A lot of EU countries have pressured Britain to join the Euro zone, because it would stabilize the currency even more, but there are just to many people in Britain who want to keep the pound sterling

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