Friday, October 2, 2015

Was the Nazi Treasure Train Finally Found?

During the last days of World War II,  Nazi officials filled a train with stolen treasure and hid it. They did this to protect it from the Soviet Red Army. The train is believed it has 300 tons of gold, diamonds, and firearms. Instead of making it to Berlin, the train got buried in old underground tunnels built by Germany.

In 1945, the search for the train began, and the theories of where it is were given by two polish residents. One resident said, the train was in Piechowice. The other resident said that the train was buried underneath the Ksaiz Castle in the town of Walbrzych. Even though many people tried, no one could find it.

Piotr Koper and Andreas Richter said that they discovered a 1926 railway map that led the way underneath Ksaiz Castle, where it is believed to be there for 70 years. Piotr and Andreas sent radar images of the place they believe the train is hiding. After learning about this, people from all over have been trying to find the train. Some people believed the discovery but not everyone.

Piotr and Andreas have asked the authorities for 10% of what they find in the train in sixteen for the location. Digging it up is expensive and the whole thing could be a joke. Some experts believe that the train is holding hazardous material like the nerve gas Tabun, so digging up the train coulee cause harm to the residence that live there.

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