Friday, October 2, 2015

David Anders is returning to the ABC show One Upon a Time!

The actor, David Anders, star of iZombie, is reprising his role as Doctor Whale, also known as Dr. Frankenstein, on the ABC show Once Upon a Time. Dr. Whale was on Once Upon a Time in seasons 1-3. He was never in season four. He recently announced that he will be returning for season 5.

He said this on Twitter. He said five words. "The doctor will be in." It was also announced that Meghan Ory, and Jamie Chung will also be returning. Meghan Ory plays Little Red Riding Hood. Jamie Chung plays Mulan. Jamie Chung only appeared in the first two seasons, and Meghan Ory was, like David Anders, in seasons 1-3.

While Jamie Chung and Meghan Ory are officially going to be in more than one episode, David Anders is only going to be in one episode as far as everybody can tell. Either way, people are very excited about Dr. Whale returning.

Dr. Whale was last seen three episodes before the season three finale. He was delivering Snow White's and Prince Charming's son, Neal. The cast of Once Upon a Time was really happy to know that Dr. Whale will return.

If you want to see Dr. Whale on One Upon a Time, it is on every Sunday at 8:00 at night on ABC. If you also have never seen Once Upon a Time before, the first four seasons are on Netflix. You should probably heck with your parents first.

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