Friday, September 18, 2015

Have You Ever Seen a Palace Made of Corn?

In South Dakota, there is an amazing tourist attraction that has been there ever since 1892. This amazing attraction just so happens to be a palace that is mostly made out of corn. It is called The Corn Palace. When it started to look a little old, People started to think that they should try to make it a little more modern looking.

Before, there were fiber glass onion domes. They have now replaced those with steel versions. They have added a mural made out of corn. They also added in a walkout balcony on the outside. The most modern part of all of this is probably the fact that when it is nighttime, the palace lights up with LED lights. "It needed a face lift." says Katie Knutson. "It needed something to draw a different crowd."

The Corn Palace is not just a fancy tourist attraction. It also has an arena to host concerts and high-school and college basket-ball games. These performances bring hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Katie Knutson is hoping that all of these changes bring an all-new generation of visitors. Also, they are hoping that the other previous visitors will be interested in the things that have changed.

Not all of the people have really enjoyed all of the changes. The Corn Palace is in a town of about 15,000 people. Some people have that it is too Las Vegas of a change. Knutson says that this might be because of the new dome change. The Corn Palace was originally made so that settlers could plant their crops there. That is why it such a Fall tradition.

Diane Bollinger just recently visited The Corn Palace. She said that she loved all of the changes. She also says that she is so glad that she did visit. One of her favorite parts was the nighttime LED lighting. She said that it gave it an element that it really never had before, and she really enjoyed. 

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