Friday, September 18, 2015

Giants player, Jeremy Affeldt's might retire

Jeremy Affeldt, one of the players on the Giants team, said he might retire from the team. It is not official, but he is saying goodbye to some people on the team. This is the seventh season that he has played. He owned three of the World Series with a 0.69 era. He had an injury with his knee, so he can't pitch for some of the games. He looks at the rookie, Josh Osich, and is seeing that he is very talented and is pitching really good.

Affeldt is 36, and has a wife and three boys. He has been thinking about the moments in his baseball career. He has been thinking about when he was the winning pitcher in game seven last season against the Kansas City Royals. Affeldt last week sat on the bench and was writing down some thoughts.  He thinks that the other players are doing a great job. He does not care how much he pitches, he just needs to keep his rhythm going.

Affeldt thinks that his family should also be part of this decision. His boy are 8, 5, and 3. He wants to raise them, but it is frustrating being away from them when he is traveling around the U.S. , playing against other teams. He is going to ask his family for their thoughts.

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