Friday, September 18, 2015

Butte and Valley fires among most destructive in state history

Please help these people in Napa and Sonoma. Wildfires have hit their homes and everything in it. On september 8th, 2015 Napa Valley has opened an evacuation center for people with people with no homes because of the wildfires.People have donated food, clothes, and money for these poor people with nothing. Many organizations are accepting clothes, money, and food for people with nothing.

Only one known person was killed during these events. This is two of the most destructive fires in the U.S. history. This wildfire has hit at least 585 homes and will be expected to grow. Most likely it has destroyed 288 homes. These wildfires have been growing for at least a week, say firefighter officials. Many have been reported missing by death tolls and that statement is estimated to climb.

These fires have been estimated to be tamed at least by 30 percent. This fire has been seen to burned 70,000 acres. An increase of 2,800 acres of fire has been growing. The firefighters have had some help by  rain. Some of the fire has been stopped by the rain already.

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