Thursday, February 11, 2016

Assignments: February 12

Try out Merriam-Webster's fast-moving vocab test here.

If you have a keyboard, start class by warming up your fingers with 10FastFingers. (If you have a
device without a keyboard, skip 10FastFingers or borrow a laptop from someone else.)

Record your score here. Expect to do this every week.

Natasha, please map out the yearbook pages (spread by spread), and create a month-by-month article/author list.

If you have a past or an upcoming story (i.e., the talent show in December), you should work on that yearbook article today; otherwise, you may pick a news story.

If you are in 5th grade and log into Newsela, use the following code: G5TX5W
This week, we will be writing our articles in the "inverted pyramid" format of newspaper writing:

Below are stories to inspire ideas:
  1. How did the world look in....?
  2. Are girls meaner than boys?
  3. Natasha: winners of the New York Times' comics contest
  4. NYT VR: How to Experience a New Form of Storytelling From The Times
  5. Skills and Strategies | Fake News vs. Real News: Determining the Reliability of Sources
  6. Make an editorial cartoon — contest
  7. College bound: Our President's daughter
  8. Water on Mars, The New York Times
  9. Dogs hurting have special place to heal or Kitty-cats on display
  10. What causes a blood moon? (Leo)
  11. Don't Toss That Sour Milk! And Other Tips To Cut Kitchen Food Waste (Mia)
  12. Captain Underpants visits Green Apple
  13. Wacky Birds (Kasama?)
  14.  Testing Neurons With Ultrasound
  15. Students can’t resist multitasking, and it’s impairing their memory. 
  16. Have you been following news this week? Take The New York Times' quiz.
  17. Crash Course: How to videos to help you learn
  18. Science videos for fun 
  19. Can you read emotions? 
  20. What's going on in this picture?
  21. Kids National Graphics 
  22. Time Magazine for kids. Check out the kid reporters.
  23. Kahn Academy
  24. Ta-Nehisi Coates to Write Black Panther Comic for Marvel
  25. Images from Pluto
  26. Indonesia’s ‘Mud Volcano’
  27. Can’t Swallow a Pill? There’s Help for That  
  28. The mementos of Ernest Hemingway 
  29. 6 Tiny Cavers, 15 Odd Skeletons, and 1 Amazing New Species of Ancient Human: The inside story behind a spectacular new hominin find, The Atlantic
  30. Homo Naledi, New Species in Human Lineage, Is Found in South African Cave, The New York Times
  31. Cats of New York, The New Yorker  Cat photography: Smile, The Atlantic 
  32. Is this 8-year-old's newspaper better than ours?, Columbia Journalism Review
  33. Cave Paintings
  34. Zombie Spiders: How a parasitic wasp larva turns an orb weaver spider into a slave that builds a web to host the larva's cocoon.
  35. Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Hydro? How Your State Generates Power
  36. Shaun the Sheep Movie’: Designing the Characters
  37. Editorial cartoons (Natasha?)

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