Friday, May 29, 2015


In the new Minecraft update, there will be a new block.  A block is what you build with and some can have special properties.  It is the new pathway block and is shorter by a few pixels than the average block.  The new block won't give any known speed boost.

There will be potion effects, but not the potions themselves.  Because of the new update, cave spiders will be added and they can poison you.  Since poison will be one of the effects, the public guesses that it will be cave spiders.  Other effects from potions will be jump boost and resistance. 

Alex!  The new female Steve.  And more!  Now, not exclusively for Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can change your skins.  Also, another new added thing to Minecraft is boats!  But, you will need the unique to Pocket Edition wooden oars. 

The update is now in the beta stage and will soon be released, soon be ready Minecraft fans!

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