Friday, May 29, 2015

San Fransisco Food Bank Field Trip

         Yesterday, the upper graders went on a field trip to the San Fransisco Food Bank. It was a really fun field trip. We put carrots, that farmers did not want, and put them in boxes. There were perfectly good carrots that farmers did not use.
          It was really amazing to see how much carrots that farmers did not want. We used gloves to pick up the carrots and put the carrots in the boxes.
          At the end, we put about 17,000 pounds of carrots in boxes. That ment that we helped 35,000 people.
         It felt really good to help a lot of people who needed food. I hope that we get to go again before the end of the school year.
         But we did not do it by ourselves. There were other people in the group that helped. They probably boxed a lot of carrots as well.
         When I was grabbing some carrots, I almost fell in the big box of carrots. That is same for my friend. She also almost fell in the big box.
          At the end, my back was really sore. I guess it really hurts bending over a lot to grab carrots. Also, at the end, I looked at my gloves and they were really yellow.
         This was fun trip over all and I hope we get to go before the end of the school year.

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