Friday, May 22, 2015

Hillwood Yearbooks Throughout the Ages

The official Hillwood yearbook has recenty been digitally published. One of the posts in the yearbook are about our trip to Yosemite, another about French class, and one about our school dog, Max. Our yearbooks over the years have been written by many different people other than us. This makes both the articles and wrting style very different as we progress.

2009-2010: In this yearbook, articles explain everyday life at Hillwood, including "Life at Hillwood", "A Day at Hillwood," and "History of Hillwood." There was one about Camp Hillwood, plus another about our previous dog (Zach). This is also the first yearbok available online.

2010-2011: This yearbook contains stories such as: "Mrs. Okamoto Day," "A Holiday Party Filled with Talent," and "Music at Hillwood." Of course, there are also pages filled with pictures of classmates and teachers.

2011-2012: Featuring "The Favorite Day of the Week: Fun Fridays" and "The History of Hillwood from 1949 to 2012," this yearbook is very similar to the ones we write today. It explains the jobs of teachers and the daily schedules that we still follow.

2013-2014: Articles like "Welcome to Hilwood: Meet the Teachers and Staff," "Goodbye Ms. Marta," and "Art at Hillwood," this yearbook tells the story of our lunchlady, our art teacher, and the necessary occupations of our staff.

These are simple summaries of most of the yearbooks from the very first digital ones.

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