Friday, May 22, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron Inspired Iron Man Glove

Patrick Priebe recently created the "Iron Man Glove". For the glove using the Iron Man style, the aluminum exterior was spray painted with metallic and candy red primer. Inside of the glove, is a laser-firing mechanism, made from brass. It can shoot a high-powered laser from the palm when the wearer flexes his/her hand. Another weaker laser is deployed using a controller. Both go with exciting sound effects.
The glove can do enough damage to impress your friends. The bright blue laser emanates, from the palm, can burn patterns in wood. That's just a distraction to enable the release of a slug capable of causing serious damage. The gadget took Patrick three weeks to build.
Patrick has created many other gadget-like creation. One of his other masterpieces include an Iron Man like gauntlet that launches real rockets and a laser watch inspired by James Bond. Similar to the Iron Man glove, the laser shooting from the watch is powerful enough to burn through objects.

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