Friday, March 27, 2015

When You Find Out Your Daughter is Actually Your Son

Hilary and Jeff Whittington were really excited when they found out that they were expecting a baby girl. Just like all parents, they prepared all the baby girl necessities for her. After their baby Ryland was born, they screamed out and she didn't hear anything. It turns out, Ryland was deaf. Ryland had to get a cochlear implant, which "restored the ability to hear again."

After Hilary and Jeff thought their issues are over, they found out that Ryland was transgender. As Ryland started growing, she started becoming a he. He started disliking all these "girl" toys instead, he started liking all these "boy" toys. Unfortunately, Ryland had to hide how he felt. 

 In the beginning, Hilary thought that Ryland was just a tomboy considering she was a tomboy herself. Ryland said "when the family dies, I will cut my hair off  so I can be a boy." When Hilary heard that, she knew it was time to start listening to what Ryland had to say. His parents even made a 13-minute video on him called "Raising Ryland." Two years later, they still haven't officially changed Ryland's middle name but they are moving forward with their lives. Now, Ryland is six-years-old and a very happy and healthy boy. His mom said "I'm the happiest I've ever been in my whole life."

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