Friday, March 27, 2015

A Prehistoric salamander as large as a small car

This article is about an ancient salamander that was as big as long as a car. Paleontologists have discovered a new species, and it is called the super salamander that was large as a small car. It was one of the top predator around 200 million years ago. The paleontologists found the fossil in Southern Portugal. This amazing prehistorical creature grew up to six feet long.

The creature lived around rivers and lakes. The Latin name of this animal is Metoposaurus  algarvensis. And it belongs in the family of primitive amphibians.

The super salamander had hundreds and hundreds of teeth. The super salamander ate mainly on fish, but if dinosaurs or mammals get to near the river of lake it would eat them to which is very crocodile like. If you would like to found out more  about the super salamander you can go to a  websitecalled And I hope you learned some about this amazing prehistoric creature.

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