Friday, March 20, 2015

The debatable dress

Now, there is a little debate going on: a dress. Some people think that the dress is white and gold. Others think it is blue and black. I think that the dress is black and blue.

I think the reason why people think the dress is gold is because light is reflecting on it. But I do not see how the dress is white too.

The reason why I think the dress is black and blue is because it looks black and blue. That might not be the perfect explanation but it just looks like black and blue.

But the person who has the dress in her store says that the dress is actually black and blue. Now the reason why the colors are different is because of science. You can see in some articles on why science  has to do with the dress

You do not have to agree with this because everyone has their opinion. And here is a photo for people who has not seen the dress.

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