Friday, March 20, 2015

The Richest Youtuber in the world

Have you ever wondered who is the richest Youtuber? Well the answer is quite unpredictable. The richest youtuber is a girl who unboxes Disney toys. Her channel name is FunToyzCollector. The girl uploaded more than 1,600 videos, Since starting her channel in 2011.

Her most popular video is a video in which she is dressing princess with glittery Play-Doh. The video has gained more than 180 million views. On her Youtube page she says she is a woman with a huge collection. She won't reveal her face. All you see in her videos is her hands and her fancy colored nails. She earns over $5 million a year.

My opinion is that I really hate how she is the richest. All she does is open little toys. It doesn't take effort, and I think it is just a cheap way to get money.

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