Friday, February 27, 2015

What Upper Graders do on Fridays: Getting ready for the weekend!

    At Hillwood we do a lot of different things every day. Some days we like and some we don't. Most people at Hillwood love Fridays.
    The upper graders have a very fun day. The morning starts of computer class with the help of are computer teacher, Mrs. Moorhead. We blog on the school website called the Hillwood Herald.
    When we are done we start art class with Mrs. Anna. Mrs. Anna is a professional artist. Also, Anna is the mother of Rubina who graduated Hillwood two years ago.
    After art we eat lunch. On Fridays we usually have pizza or Mrs. Grantz's homemade chili mac.                    
    When we are done with lunch, Mrs. Anna takes us to the park and we usually play kickball. We always have fun, and we always wish Anna can come more often.
    Once we come back inside, we do our spelling test or other tests. If we get a 100 percent or an A  on our spelling tests we get a ticket, and if every person in the class gets them all right we get to go to Beni Hana. It is a place where they make your food right in front of you and it is very cool!  Tickets are like money in our class, so if we want snack we can buy it with tickets.
    After our tests we normally do Current Events and History.
    Once we are done with Current Events and History we are done with school and we play on our electronics. We stop playing electronics at 4:30 and then we play dodgeball outside with everyone.
    That is what the upper graders do on Friday.

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