Friday, January 16, 2015

Year Book Stories

1. History of Hillwood-Leo and Rory

2.Max-Claire, Maddie, and Caroline

3.Teachers and Staff-Ethan, Rory, Finn, and Kasama

4.Talent Shows-Natasha, Maddie, and Grace

5.Hillwood BBQ-Rory

6.Art With Anna-Caroline

7.French-Maddie and Grace

8.Free the Children-Grace

9.Student Body Council-Nicole and Caroline

10.Hillwood Band-Natasha, Claire, and Maddie

11.Halloween/Pumpkin Patch-Claire

12.Hillwood Herald-Rory, Ethan, Leo

13.Any School Field Trips-Leo

14.Mrs. Okamoto Day-Maddie


16.Yosemite-Asiana, Sophia, and Grace

17.Ms. Caine-Finn

18.We Day-Claire, Leo, Sophia, and Asiana

19.Lunch-Kasama and Rory

20.Ms. Shmitt-Ethan

21.  Big Storm- Finn and Claire

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